Beit Hadar Dafna

Beit Hadar Dafna was built between the years 1965-1962. It was the first building in the complex now called the Continents Complex. And was one of the first office towers in the city. Designed in a brutalist style. The building was built by the developers Arie Pilz and Meshulam Levinstein and was mostly sold when it was built. The owners of the building are the State of Israel, Amidar, Ichilov Hospital, Dan, about 40 small business owners, and Hadar Dafna. The building was part of a construction boom of skyscrapers and public buildings in the 1950s and 1960s and was built in parallel with buildings such as Migdal Shalom, Beit Elal, and more. The building had extraordinary dimensions in its time and introduced technological innovations – a car elevator for parking on the roof of the building, and escalators in the lobby.