Workers’ Council House- Azur

The Workers ‘Council House in Azur is a public building built for the Histadrut in 1964. It served Azur as the Workers’ Council House and Center.
Culture over the years.
The architect of the building was the architect Marian Grynhaus, who was previously the architect responsible for planning the Histadrut’s executive committee house on Arlozorov Street in Tel-Aviv.
The building was designed in the international style, with a brutal emphasis, the style accepted in the 60s in Israel and around the world.
The building was designed in an “L” shape and is a one-story building for the most part, except for a higher space in the hexagonal culture hall. The structure “floats”, raised from the ground.
The design of the building is spread over three plots, immersed in a vegetable garden, around it. The “cannon” garden is located in the area of the plot, south of the building. To the north, the building borders
In the Green Strip – Wadi Public Park, a green stripe that is a central axis on which the settlement is intertwined, Azur.

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